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We live and breathe horses. We were raised riding and driving horses. Our nieces, nephews, and children have inherited the horse bug too. From ponies to draft horses and everything in between, we have hauled and spread a lot of manure over the years. We have several barns in our area and have always used our dump trucks and equipment to manage our manure removal needs.


As time went on, our friends and neighbors asked us to help them as well. Inevitably, word got out, and we kept helping more folks. Now we are traveling all over southeast Pennsylvania and northeast Maryland.


Today, we have a fleet of single axle 4x4 dump trucks that are the right size to access any property. We also have full size, tri-axle dump trucks. With different size track loaders and skid loaders, we can pick up your manure pile and load our trucks in any conditions. We are very adamant about making the smallest footprint behind and leaving your property in better condition than when we arrived.


Our employees are skilled, experienced, and knowledgeable men and women who are tiding, caring, focused, and committed to treating your property like it's our own. We look forward to serving you.

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